Welcome to Squibnocketpond.org.  We are a group of 6 owners of shoreline property on Squibnocket Pond who have decided to apply to the Chilmark Conservation Commission and to the Commonwealth’s Department of Environmental Protection for a permit to treat phragmites infestations on Squibnocket Pond.   We have organized this website to inform you about our initiative to restore the affected shoreline.    We will use this website to keep you informed on our progress as we proceed.

6 of the 7 properties on Squibnocket Pond that are affected by phragmites are participating in this organization.  With the exception of the Vineyard Open Land Foundation (owns the barrier beach property on the east end of the Pond),  all of the owners of property on both sides of the eastern end of the Pond are participating in this preservation effort.

The current sponsors/riparian owners include:

  • Barbara Goldmuntz
  • Doug Liman
  • Charles Parker & Virginia Dawson
  • Rich & Sue Regen
  • Rob Woodard (Foster property)

Extended Team:

  • Tim Simmons, Restoration Ecologist, Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program, Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Seth Wilkinson, President, Wilkinson Ecological Services
  • Kristen Fauteaux, Director of Stewardship






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